Goodbye Clara Oswin Oswald

Human attachment is amazing. Our hearts send out tendrils of connection to anything moves us, be that other people, animals, objects, even fictional characters. I am surprised to be this sad about Clara’s death. I shouldn’t be. I understand how we attach, how it works and why. Doctor Who fits in my mind and heart […]

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The Doctor’s Heart

In the Woman Who Lived, Catherine Tregenna invites us to enter the Doctor’s experience of immortality.  Ashildre is gone, replaced with a beyond world-weary, complicated, and practically hopeless Lady Me. She has lived for almost as long so the Doctor had when the re-boot began in 2005. Her “mayfly” perspective on humanity sounds familiar to […]

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The Girl Who Died…Not

I really enjoyed this epsiode. Jamie amethiesan and Stven Moffat wrote too many funny lines for me to fit into my quotation block this week. The story was well-written, without any serious plot problems and, as always, beautifully acted. Frankly, there was not a ton of squee, but many satisfied sighs were heard in my […]

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Grateful for 51 Years

In honor of today’s 51st anniversary of Doctor Who, and the 1st anniversary of last year’s golden anniversary, I have re-watched An Adventure in Time and Space. I’m left feeling grateful for the amazing legacy of Doctor Who.

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Dark Heaven: A Mash-up

It has taken me a really long time to get this post out. I am pretty sure at have been in denial about the end of the season and finally writing this post…. Yet, there are decades of Classic Who to watch, and 8 years New Who to re-watch, and Christmas is a mere 6 […]

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