The Doctor’s Heart

In the Woman Who Lived, Catherine Tregenna invites us to enter the Doctor’s experience of immortality.  Ashildre is gone, replaced with a beyond world-weary, complicated, and practically hopeless Lady Me. She has lived for almost as long so the Doctor had when the re-boot began in 2005. Her “mayfly” perspective on humanity sounds familiar to […]

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Coffee and Continuity

I am approaching the half-way point (Meglos….wow.) in my “Watching Doctor Who all the way through, from the beginning, in order” Project (which I am now officially designating The 1963 Project). As the 50% milestone looms, I’ve noticed that my perspective of the show is changing…significantly.

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Free to Squee, Thanks Verity!

I am writing a Shout-Out post to Verity! podcast to thank them for the “whovucation” they have given me over the last year. While this post is, frankly, about fangirling fangirls, it is also about the freedom to love what I love, and the role Verity! played in finding it.

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