The (First EVER) San Diego Who Con: The Little Con with a Big Heart

I just spent the weekend with my 13 year old Whovian god daughter at the San Diego Who Con. We had a great time. Coming from the monster that is SDCC and the rarified Whovian air of Gallifrey One, I didn’t have high expectations for Who Con. There had not been much publicity that I […]

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Direct from Gallifrey One: Final Thoughts

The foyer was packed. Clearly, lobby-con was alive and well. It was warm in there. If the hashtag #gally1 was to be believed, it had ¬†been packed to the gills for the last 72 hours. No wonder the air conditioning couldn’t keep up. The lights, and the absence of sun, gave the room a golden, […]

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Direct from Gallifrey One: First Moments

During my writing workshop today with author and editor Sam Stone, we had 15 mins to write a few descriptive paragraphs. Here are mine… The long walkway to the entrance of the hotel curved up a gentle incline, my new shoes pinching with each step. The combination of bright sun and cool breeze conspired to […]

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The Other The Great Pilgrimage: Gallifrey One

I’m off to Gallifrey One! I’m terribly excited, also a bit guilty. Here’s a bit of psychotherapist self-analysis.

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