Standing in the Shoes (Boots…Sandshoes…) of the Time Lord

Oh, the deep cleverness of the original minds behind Doctor Who. We talk all the time about the ways in which the companion embodies the experience of the viewing audience. However, have you ever noticed how the viewer shares the experience of the Doctor?

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Why the Plethora of Opinion?

Why do we fall in love with OUR Doctor? Why do we disagree so vehemently about episodes? These profoundly important questions are explored in Why the Plethora of Opinion?

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The Doctor’s Deepest Longing

Here we go! Finally, the Doctor being The Doctor! With this light hearted, feel-good romp, the Doctor’s intelligence and leadership are finally coming into play. The Doctor IS The Architect, both in the episode and in his character development. As I wrote in my previous blog, I am waiting for that most definitive Doctor Who […]

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