And She’s Back! (Extremis S10:E6)

No surprise. Missy is in the vault. From Moffat’s interview with DWM, it sounds like we were all supposed to guess she was in there. And, again unsurprisingly, the vault serves as a device to thrust us into the Doctor’s and Bill’s next series of adventures. I so rarely guess correctly that I am happy […]

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In-2-3-4 and Out-2-3-4 (Oxygen 10E5)

Another Doctor Who treat, this time by one of my fav DW writers, Jamie Mathieson. This is an awesome roller coaster of an episode! I counted no less than three heart stopping moments in the first 10 minutes of Oxygen. My love for Doctor Who is unrelated to the fact that it rarely scares me […]

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Family First* (Knock Knock S10E4)

Knock Knock, the fourth story of Series 10, takes us to a proper haunted house and (while it could be argued that the BBC tried a little too hard with the binaural thing) I enjoyed it. There is no missing the definition this episode brings to the relationship between Bill and the Doctor. Bill is […]

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Walking with the Doctor (Thin Ice S10E3)

I’ve been thinking about the title of this episode. Most obviously, it refers to …well…ice. Yet, the ice isn’t thin at all, is it? In fact, it is so sturdy that a several ton elephant can take a stroll without it even cracking. If we think of “thin ice” as a metaphor for the potential […]

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