Rolling Out the Red Carpet

I loved Fugitive of the Judson before “you know what” happened. Before either of the “you know whats” happened. The Judoon are truely delightful villains. I can’t get enough of how they talk, especially when The Doctor talks Judoonese, which she did, though we didn’t know it at the time. I love their rigidity to […]

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Choosing Tesla

I sat with a newish client the other day. They were struggling with how to handle a professional relationship that had gone sour. Their former business partner seemed set on damaging my client’s business via targeted, malicious social media attacks. My client felt torn between the choices we all have when facing a bully. Give […]

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Honestly, I have nothing to say here. Let’s mind wipe this, shall we? We’re just going to move on to…. OK. Wait. Actually, Orphan 55 had some gorgeous science fiction elements that perfectly service the story. For example, fakcation? Awesome. Biodomes. Hopper viruses. Proper scary monsters. The set design easily transported us to another planet. […]

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