Goodbye Clara Oswin Oswald

Human attachment is amazing. Our hearts send out tendrils of connection to anything moves us, be that other people, animals, objects, even fictional characters. I am surprised to be this sad about Clara’s death. I shouldn’t be. I understand how we attach, how it works and why. Doctor Who fits in my mind and heart […]

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Psycholgical Scare Tactics-Zygon Style

This week’s episode, The Zygon Invasion, wasn’t about our beloved characters, nor did it seem to make much of a contribution to the Series’ story arcs. It did however, explore some real-world themes, unusual for Doctor Who. Immigration and terrorism seem to be the topics du jour. What interested me most about this episode was […]

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The Doctor’s Heart

In the Woman Who Lived, Catherine Tregenna invites us to enter the Doctor’s experience of immortality.  Ashildre is gone, replaced with a beyond world-weary, complicated, and practically hopeless Lady Me. She has lived for almost as long so the Doctor had when the re-boot began in 2005. Her “mayfly” perspective on humanity sounds familiar to […]

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