The Doctor’s Heart

In the Woman Who Lived, Catherine Tregenna invites us to enter the Doctor’s experience of immortality.  Ashildre is gone, replaced with a beyond world-weary, complicated, and practically hopeless Lady Me. She has lived for almost as long so the Doctor had when the re-boot began in 2005. Her “mayfly” perspective on humanity sounds familiar to […]

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Dark Heaven: A Mash-up

It has taken me a really long time to get this post out. I am pretty sure at have been in denial about the end of the season and finally writing this post…. Yet, there are decades of Classic Who to watch, and 8 years New Who to re-watch, and Christmas is a mere 6 […]

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DUIT (Driving Under the Influence of TARDIS)

Despite the LOL moments of this episode, of which there are many, we are treated to a darker side of Clara. As she becomes more Doctorish, is she losing her humanity?

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The Doctor Is In The House!

Yes! The moment I have been waiting for…the Doctor claimed his title and told the bad guys to skedaddle. However, we find the Doctor taking on his mantle somewhat reluctantly. Does the Doctor really want to be the Doctor any more?

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This Doctor is an Angry Doctor: Kill The Moon

Did you feel as satisfied and validated I as did when Clara told off the Doctor? He has been mean and grumpy, often, this season. There is a point to this madness, and I believe the production team and Peter Capaldi know exactly what they are doing. This Doctor is mad (mad as in angry, not mad as in crazy.)

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Taking Care of Clara

This week in The Caretaker we are provided with the Doctor’s version of care taking…calculated, overly confident, risky, intense, and very much The Doctor.

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Standing in the Shoes (Boots…Sandshoes…) of the Time Lord

Oh, the deep cleverness of the original minds behind Doctor Who. We talk all the time about the ways in which the companion embodies the experience of the viewing audience. However, have you ever noticed how the viewer shares the experience of the Doctor?

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