The Doctor, the Child, and the Companion

* Please note-hypothesized spoilers at the end of this post. Most likely, they are completely wrong. But, I think the guessing is fun. So, don’t read the last paragraph if you are concerned about incorrect spoilers.* I thought this was a sweet episode. I adored the further character development of Danny and actually felt a […]

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The Doctor Is In The House!

Yes! The moment I have been waiting for…the Doctor claimed his title and told the bad guys to skedaddle. However, we find the Doctor taking on his mantle somewhat reluctantly. Does the Doctor really want to be the Doctor any more?

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The Duplicity of Clara

From Asylum of Daleks until today, there have always been (at least) two Clara’s. How deep does this story go? Is Clara Oswin Oswald more than she seems?

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Don’t Stop Me Now- Mummy On The Orient Express

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! On or off the Tardis, Clara?

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This Doctor is an Angry Doctor: Kill The Moon

Did you feel as satisfied and validated I as did when Clara told off the Doctor? He has been mean and grumpy, often, this season. There is a point to this madness, and I believe the production team and Peter Capaldi know exactly what they are doing. This Doctor is mad (mad as in angry, not mad as in crazy.)

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Taking Care of Clara

This week in The Caretaker we are provided with the Doctor’s version of care taking…calculated, overly confident, risky, intense, and very much The Doctor.

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