“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”

-Carl Jung (Swiss Psychologist, 1875 -1961)

I am a psychologist living in Southern California with my wife and daughter. I joined the clubhouse as a proud Doctor Who fan-girl later in life, though my first TV memory is of Star Trek on our black and white TV. I find Doctor Who to be the perfect mixture of curiosity, courage, adventure, hope, whipped up with a large helping of witty cleverness, paired with some core existential questions asked by puddingheads everywhere and served with absurdity and flair. The psychological aspects of these stories are wonderful and irrresistible. Despite the Doctor’s much touted “alienness,” I find the character to be terribly human. And, if he/she isn’t responding to a situation as a human would, his/her companions are. The Tardis crew, whomever they may be in the moment, gives us an opportunity to explore our own humanity.

I had known that I needed to starting writing for a few years. Yet, every time I sat down to write for my professional website, I completely lacked inspiration. In the meantime, I was chatting with anyone who would listen about the interesting psychology of Doctor Who.

Then, in what we shrinks would call a gestalt moment, I realized that writing about anything would be better than not writing at all. Since I felt curious and captivated by this TV show, why not write about it?

I am up-to-date with all New Who episodes and have watched, in sequence, all available Classic Who. I have watched some of the Telesnap versions of missing episodes, and am gearing up to watch all of them.

So, here are my psychological musing about this incredible 54 year creation, it’s creators, and what is has to teach us about making an adventure of our temporally linear, planet-bound, crazy, exciting human lives.

I hope you enjoy! Please talk back.

P.S. And most exciting to my father, who graciously and generously paid for my undergraduate education…My Bachelor’s degree in English Literature is finally getting some use.


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