The Doctor and Clara, In The TARDIS

In approximately 24’ish hours, the first episode of Series 9 of will air. I. Can’t. Wait. I am having a hard time being patient, not only because, well new Doctor Who!, but also because I was so happy and satisfied with where and how we left the Doctor and Clara at the end of Last […]

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At Last! Last Christmas

Last Christmas tied up the major Series 8 arcs (aka relationship dramas) beautifully. The use of the very psychological dream within a dream trop (technically called false awakening) resolved the story-lines quite cleverly and effectively. Ya da, ya da, ya da….

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Dark Heaven: A Mash-up

It has taken me a really long time to get this post out. I am pretty sure at have been in denial about the end of the season and finally writing this post…. Yet, there are decades of Classic Who to watch, and 8 years New Who to re-watch, and Christmas is a mere 6 […]

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The Doctor, the Child, and the Companion

* Please note-hypothesized spoilers at the end of this post. Most likely, they are completely wrong. But, I think the guessing is fun. So, don’t read the last paragraph if you are concerned about incorrect spoilers.* I thought this was a sweet episode. I adored the further character development of Danny and actually felt a […]

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Don’t Stop Me Now- Mummy On The Orient Express

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! On or off the Tardis, Clara?

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This Doctor is an Angry Doctor: Kill The Moon

Did you feel as satisfied and validated I as did when Clara told off the Doctor? He has been mean and grumpy, often, this season. There is a point to this madness, and I believe the production team and Peter Capaldi know exactly what they are doing. This Doctor is mad (mad as in angry, not mad as in crazy.)

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Moffat’s Grand Plan? (This Time Around)

What is Moffat’s plan this time around. Here, Dr. Berberet theorizes about Moffat’s psychological plan as he introduces The Doctor’s latest incarnation.

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