Shortcuts to Happiness Via Magic Fish 🐟 (Smile S10E2)

“A magic haddock,” the Doctor mentiond three times during Smile, the second episode of Series 10. He waits until the final five minutes to let Bill and the wayward colonists in on the reference. A scared and unhappy fisherman, upon catching a wish-granting fish, impulsively seeks relief from his fear by taking shortcuts. He wishes […]

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The Families We Make (The Pilot S10E1)

First, before I make an attempt to write something interesting and psychologically enlightening, may I have a moment of squee? (Please brace yourself for far too many exclamation points.) It is awesomely cool when a main character in an episode of Doctor Who has your name! I know that Heather was most likely named after […]

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Just Jump…We’ll Catch You

If you are reading this blog post, you don’t need to be reminded that Series 10, premiering April 15, 2017, will be Peter Capaldi’s final one as The Doctor. Many people in fandom have described how fully and authentically P-Cap has embodied this role, bringing a depth and complexity to the character not seen in […]

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