In-2-3-4 and Out-2-3-4 (Oxygen 10E5)

Another Doctor Who treat, this time by one of my fav DW writers, Jamie Mathieson. This is an awesome roller coaster of an episode! I counted no less than three heart stopping moments in the first 10 minutes of Oxygen. My love for Doctor Who is unrelated to the fact that it rarely scares me anymore. So, it’s double the fun when I actually get a good gasp in during an episode.

Here, Bill encounters the Doctor’s recklessness and his slightly less than perfect nature. All companions must endure that one adventure during which the Doctor places them in potentially life ending danger. As a result, they learn to fear him as they experience just how closely he walks the line between dangerous and fatal.

Oxygen tests the relationship between the Doctor and Bill. In Thin Ice, circumstances required that Bill choose to trust and follow the Doctor…or not. In this episode, she has no choice but to trust him; she is exposed to the vacuum of space regardless and experiences the life-threatening reality of traveling with the Doctor. She also witnesses the extreme, self-sacrifical lengths the Doctor will go to protect and save his companion.

And so the ties that bind Bill and the Doctor together continue to be strengthened by the fire of TARDIS travel. I feel deeply satisfied by this season, as their adventures continue to serve as a platform for telling the story of Bill and the Doctor, together in the TARDIS.

Oh, and MISSY!!!!! next week…


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