Direct from Gallifrey One: First Moments

During my writing workshop today with author and editor Sam Stone, we had 15 mins to write a few descriptive paragraphs. Here are mine…

The long walkway to the entrance of the hotel curved up a gentle incline, my new shoes pinching with each step. The combination of bright sun and cool breeze conspired to make my eyes tear; my mascara was already in jeopardy. At least 8:15 in the morning was too early to expect a lot of attention, but my heart beat faster anyway.

As I stepped through the front doors, the quiet of the lobby both relieved and disapointed  me. I saw three or four small groups of people sitting in the lounge chairs and occasional table scattered around, but the fabled “lobby con” had yet to get rolling.

The group closest to me all had various lengths of multi-colored ribbons attached to their name tags. One man had so many ribbons, he had flung the length over his shoulder. He was laughing with a woman dressed in one of the more common River Song costumes.  Thinking of the two hundred ribbons in my bag, and the sonic trowel packed in my suitcase, I sighed. Even in the quiet of the morning, I wasn’t alone


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