Grateful for 51 Years

In honor of today’s 51st anniversary of Doctor Who, and the 1st anniversary of last year’s golden anniversary, I have re-watched An Adventure in Space and Time. I’m left feeling grateful for the amazing legacy of Doctor Who.

Syndsey Newman, Verity Lambert, Waris Hussein, Mervyn Pinfield, Ron Granier, Delia Derbyshire, William Hartnell, Susan Foreman, Jacqueline Hill, William Russell…thank you for sticking your necks out and keeping at it, even when everyone (literally) was against you.

It is interesting that so many of these individuals were the odd one out in their own unique ways. Sydney Newman was not initially well-received at the BBC, being seen as an outsider. Verity Lambert was the youngest and first female drama producer at the BBC. Waris Hussein faced prejudice and racism at the hands of the white, male majority of the BBC at the time.

Despite the obstacles, they persisted. There was, of course, no possible way for any of them to even wonder if Doctor Who would have a run of 52 years and counting. Yet, they must of been as captured by the notion of a powerful and compassionate alien who could travel throughout the universe, having adventure and making it a better place as we are.

I believe Doctor Who touches so many people, because so many can find their own dreams and fantasies (and fears) reflected within the stories. I believe we also find our comfort in the Doctor. With so many Doctors over the years, it would be difficult to not find comfort in at least one of them-the silliness of Two or Eleven, the dashing romance of Ten, the science of Three or the the First as your first. One of them is bound to be the Doctor to our hearts and souls.

So, thank you to all the cast, crew and production teams over the years, for keeping the Doctor alive and well. I offer a special shout out to Russell T. Davies for resurrecting the Doctor and Stephen Moffat for keeping him breathing (and adventuring) so vigorously.


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