Light Shining From Her Eyes (The Eaters of Light S10E10)

What a gorgeous female character Rona Munro created in this week’s lead guest character, Kar. Physically strong, emotionally brave, stubborn and fierce, Kar would have made an excellent companion for the Doctor. Too bad she must sacrifice herself to save the world (has there been an episode this series NOT about self-sacrifice?)

I found the Eaters of Light to be one of the more complex and interesting stories this season, with a satisfying plot that explores youth and finding meaning in the roles we are given.

We also find Bill stepping into her big-girl companion shoes as she literally whacks the Doctor over the head to prevent him from acting impulsively stupid.

I loved the atmosphere of this episode, evoking the magical past of Scotland and the beauty of the moors. The Doctor encountering the standing stones is really cool. And then, explaining something in the really world, in this case the call of the crows, is one of my favorite Doctor Who things.

Mostly, I really enjoyed this episode, my favorite of the series so far. Not much else to say.

© 2017 Heather M. Berberet, Psy.D. aka Doctor Who: On The Couch. All rights reserved.


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