DUIT (Driving Under the Influence of TARDIS)

Despite the LOL moments of this episode, of which there are many, we are treated to a darker side of Clara. As she becomes more Doctorish, is she losing her humanity?

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The Doctor Is In The House!

Yes! The moment I have been waiting for…the Doctor claimed his title and told the bad guys to skedaddle. However, we find the Doctor taking on his mantle somewhat reluctantly. Does the Doctor really want to be the Doctor any more?

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The Doctor’s Deepest Longing

Here we go! Finally, the Doctor being The Doctor! With this light hearted, feel-good romp, the Doctor’s intelligence and leadership are finally coming into play. The Doctor IS The Architect, both in the episode and in his character development. As I wrote in my previous blog, I am waiting for that most definitive Doctor Who […]

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