Families Lost and Found

The Doctor has returned and (far less exciting) so have I. Everything about this Series of Doctor Who feels different. The new show runner, writers, directors, composers and costumer designer, even the lens and film, tell the story of the Doctor and her companions differently than it has been told before. In all ways possible, […]


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The Doctor Falls…Not (S10E12)

Lots of people fall in the final episode of Series 10: Missy falls to the ground and presumably dies; the Master falls as the elevator plunges down to the lower levels of the colony ship; Bill’s Cyberman body falls as Heather rescues her. In fact, the only person who doesn’t fall, in fact fights falling […]

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At Last! Last Christmas

Last Christmas tied up the major Series 8 arcs (aka relationship dramas) beautifully. The use of the very psychological dream within a dream trop (technically called false awakening) resolved the story-lines quite cleverly and effectively. Ya da, ya da, ya da….

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